Vladimir Putin

MacNaughton, Prof. John

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The appropriateness of speaking of Scotland. Some personal reminiscences of Scotland, and the speaker's return to the Old Country. Words on the recent victory in the war. The sea power that saved the world. The story of Zeebrugge. Our tremendous debt to the British Navy. The speaker's journey to France; to Ypres. Seeing one of the completed cemeteries in France. The loss suffered by Canada in the war. Returning to London. Instances of tradition experienced by the speaker in London. The speaker's time in Scotland. Some personal reflections, for instance, that the British Empire is akin to a League of Nations. Ways in which the British Empire is badly named. A characterization of the British Empire. The speaker's belief that it will be the verdict of history that in the great crisis through which we have recently passed the British Empire saved the world.