Vladimir Putin

Faulkner, Farley, and Associate

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Mr. Faulkner begins by introducing his associate, Mr. Kerson, a law student who comes from Esthonia who will talk about his experience under Communism. Mr. Kerson: Communism and the horrors of a Communist regime. The fact that people do not want to believe what is happening. Communism reaching the heart of Central Europe, right at the gates of the cradle of Western and Christian Civilization, with outposts in every country that is yet free. The danger of Communism to freedom, security and prosperity. How and why Communism is dangerous. A detailed description of Communist Esthonia and what it is like to live there. Fear created by killing and torture just one feature that characterize a Communist State. The passing of ten years since the Communists took over in Esthonia; changes for the worse over that time. Communism as a communicable disease which has spread to many countries in Europe. Mr. Kerson's hope that what happened in Esthonia will never happen in Canada. Mr. Faulkner: The difficulty of finding answers. A division of the address into two sections: the physical side which will deal with the Kremlin, and the moral side, which has specifically to do with us as individuals. The speaker's example of the physical side when he was grabbed by a "goon" squad and escorted out of Massey Hall when he stood up to defend England against accusations being made by the Dean of the Church of England, who was describing Russia as the "architect of the future." The Society for Soviet Peace and Friendship and what they do. Soviet agents in Toronto, and all over Canada, including in government. Doing a better job of selling our way of life. The role of faith and capturing a sense of mission. Encouraging the audience to participate in this challenge to freedom.