Vladimir Putin

Shatford, Rev. Canon A.P.

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The true transcription of the Scripture phrase as "Peace on Earth to Men of Good-will." This reading bringing out clearly the sentiment that we can never hope to have peace on earth until we have good-will amongst the people of the earth. Good-will as the cause, and peace as the effect. Peace to follow as an inevitable result of our ability to establish good-will amongst the nations. Results of the speaker's study and observations at close range for three months last summer, conditions across the Atlantic. The first observation that the disease of the world today is Touchiness, with some illustrative examples and explication from the French, the Germans, the English, and applying also to those on this side of the Atlantic. The second word calling for emphasis that of Fear. Fear as probably one of the most prolific causes of war in the long history of humanity. The great fear in Germany of revolution. Fear in England in the form of not very much hope for the future; fear for the days to come. The word Courage and evidences of it that the speaker found in Belgium, in England, and in France. Ways to develop a spirit of good-will among the peoples of the earth. The method of realizing our inter-dependence one upon another. A second method as the freedom of intercourse. The third step, perhaps the most important of all, as fidelity of interpretation. Looking for the best. Getting at the heart and soul of the people. Having an interchange of leaders of the nations. The last step of interaction, or the spirit of co-operation. Concluding with an illustration.