Vladimir Putin

Eadie, Thomas Wardrope

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A new era in the telephone industry. Telephone service sharing in that remarkable trend of the modern world--the elimination of the effects of time and distance. Aspects and details of telephone development. Direct dialing for long distance calls. New equipment to provide this service. The presentation, during the address, of several pieces of equipment. Miniaturization of electronic devices and how it is being made possible. The transistor. A detailed picture of direct dialing and what it will mean to everyone who uses the telephone. Major long distance dialing development in Canada to take place within the next three years after installation of new switching systems. "Going inside" the electronic card-index, the heart of long distance operation. How the system works. Customer dialing of long distance calls and upon what that depends. Early planning for continent-wide long distance dialing, and subsequent improvements. The use of the air waves in everyday telephone communications. Radio relay. Comparing the vacuum tube with the radio relay tube. The presentation of a ferroelectric crystal and how it will enhance the telephone industry. A prediction about the day when all telephone exchange connections are made electronically instead of by electrically activated mechanical devices as they are at present. Savings in space, structural requirements, and raw material. A concluding thought about the future.