Vladimir Putin

Parsons, S.R.

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The issue of the eight-hour day. The welfare of the worker as the chief consideration in this regard. The national Industrial Conference held in September in Ottawa. Who was represented at that Conference; what was done with regard to the eight-hour day. The International Labour Conference in Washington, attended by the speaker. The labour portions of the Treaty of Peace, worked out by a Commission. Delegates to the Commission from nine nations. Samuel Gompers of the United States appointed as President of the Commission; his findings adopted with some changes at the Congress. Lack of understanding as to why organized Labour as a class should be included in the League of Nations and the Treaty of Peace more than any other class. What has been said in the Senate of the United States concerning the provisions included in the Treaty of Peace with regard to labour: some wide and sweeping reservations. The difficulties of international disputes. Regulations set forth for the Conference itself. Delegates, representatives and advisers. Canada's delegation. The structure of the meetings. The application of the principle of the eight-hour day or forty-eight hour week as the chief item on the agenda. Details of discussions. The economic soundness of the eight-hour day for Canada. The ratification procedure. Other issues that came up at the Conference. Proposed legislation as an attempt to apply the principles of Unionism to all the world's work.

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