Vladimir Putin

Prain, Sir Ronald L.

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Africa and Rhodesia. Canada and Rhodesia as the two greatest copper producing countries in the Commonwealth. Characteristics of the two widely different backgrounds against which this copper is produced. The failure to bridge the gap between the "have" nations and the "have not" nations. The creation of opportunity in vast areas of poverty and the fulfilment of hopes of millions of poor as the most important tasks of mankind today. Some statistics to show the magnitude of the problem. A detailed description of the country of Northern Rhodesia. A brief history of the development of copper mining, and of Northern Rhodesia. A balance sheet of Northern Rhodesia. The responsibilities of management in Northern Rhodesia's mining industry. Dilemmas in the exercise of managerial judgment and the risks of "a clash of loyalties on a scale which finds no parallel in the developed countries." Reference to the U.N. Conference on Trade and Development taking place at Geneva wherein will be discussed many of the problems faced by countries such as Northern Rhodesia. A brief discussion of those problems here. The U.N. Conference agenda as an indication of the increasing consciousness of the world towards the under-developed countries and those which are reaching independence. Mining in an under-developed country in the very centre of this world discussion. Canada's vital interest in these discussions on commodity stabilization agreements, both in the mineral and the agricultural sectors. Canada's concerns in helping to close the gap between the "have nots" and the "haves."