Vladimir Putin

Hull, Ken

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The name "Hibernia" and its link to Newfoundland and changing times. The magnitude of Hibernia in terms of physical size, cost and benefits and the difficulty for people to fully appreciate what's going on. Three categories of public reaction to the development. Surprising the sceptics and confounding the critics. Using technology and ingenuity to be as profitable as possible for our stakeholders both public and private without compromising safety or the environment. Results of the efforts, with some dollar figures. Hibernia not just about oil and technology and profits, but about people, their way of life, and their future. Paying dividends to the people of Newfoundland and Canada long after the oilfield has run dry through business and technical skills demanded by the project. The pioneering nature of the Hibernia development. A brief history of offshore oil operations. Comparisons between Hibernia and other developments. Hibernia as the "Eighth Wonder of the World," as called by Time. Some statistics. Kept promises of the Hibernia venture to spend capital in Canada, and give most of the work to Canadians. What Hibernia represents and how it was created. Hibernia at the turn of the century, hitting its stride, with some figures and more details of the structure. How the development came together. The co-operation and interest of the provincial and federal governments in St. John's and Ottawa. Increasing confidence in the Hibernia development. Creating something of value for the future.