Vladimir Putin

Livingstone, R.W.

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the English Public School and its influence on the character of the nation. Two main types of school apart form the elementary school in England. Some details of each with regard to teaching and fees. Thomas Arnold of Rugby who, in the forties, can by said to have practically made the English Public School. The speaker's memories of his own Public School. The two stages in one's school life, with a description of each: slavery, and prefecture. The discipline of the ash. Drawbacks of the Public Schools system. Complaints, and responses by the speaker with regard to an emphasis on athleticism at the expense of the academic; that the Public Schools makes people too much in one mould; that they encourage and develop the English reserve. The good things about the Public Schools. Training character and what that means. Making people stand on their own legs, and to face loneliness and uncongenial surroundings. Learning some valuable life lessons: learning to obey authority even when the orders may be unreasonable and unpleasant. Learning to command and to take responsibility. Getting rid of the individual consciousness and making people think more of their community than of themselves. How the Public School system expresses much of the best parts of the genius of the British people, and how it has done a great deal to strengthen and develop that genius.