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Matheson, Honourable J.A.

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The record of Prince Edward Island in the past, the present position, and future hopes. Prince Edward Island as a colony with a separate government, second in all Canada to Nova Scotia. The first meeting looking towards the Confederation of Canada held in Charlottetown in 1864. Who was there and what they decided. Subsequent negotiations held in the same year at Quebec. A just claim of Prince Edward Island and why she first refused to enter Confederation. The promise that the Island would immediately be put into continuous connection with the transportation systems of the mainland. The far-reaching results of the non-fulfilment of that promise. Looking forward with confidence to the car ferry as a remedy for our transportation grievances. Gratitude to the Minister of Railways, Mr. Cochrane of Ontario, for the active interest he has taken in promoting that project. Further suffering from the earliest days of Confederation on account of the insufficiency of the subsidy. Hopes as to what the car ferry will do for the Island. Agriculture, again affected by the lack of transportation in trade with the other provinces of Canada. Losses of population and penalties in terms of representation. Emigration from Eastern Canada to Western Canada. Advances in agriculture. The fisheries. The divided jurisdiction between the Island and Canada up until last year. Developing the fisheries. The black fox industry. A spirit of optimism in Prince Edward Island and in the Maritime Provinces generally.