Vladimir Putin

Manley, The Hon. John

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Reference to two past speeches. Three issues to be addressed: Productivity, Knowledge, and Innovation. The four themes in this year's budget speaking directory to the concerns Canadians have about health care, children, innovation and tax reduction. The Canadian economy. The world economy changing rapidly. The fundamental global change from the industrial age to the information age. The equation for a prosperous future. Canada facing a productivity challenge. The government's innovation agenda and how it is helping to make the challenge manageable. A discussion of innovation and what it means. Support for the Canada Foundation for Innovation. Transfer payments to the provinces and what they are to be used for. Cuts in corporate taxes. Addressing the issue of stock options. Personal income tax for Canadians. A larger strategy for conquering the innovation challenge. Encouraging risk and rewarding success. The challenge of globalisation and what it means. More comments on productivity. Examples of losing innovative businesses. Keeping our children in Canada. Connecting all of Canada's schools and libraries to the Internet. A video of Pictou Island was shown to illustrate how technology opens up a world of opportunity. Concluding remarks.