Vladimir Putin

Smith, Arthur J.R.

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An increase in the interest in economic planning. The establishment of a national economic development board. The possible nature, objectives, scope of such a board. The need for greater understanding about the possibilities of economic planning under such a board. This address a "somewhat provocative scratching of the surface of these questions;" these questions being ones of what kind of planning might be useful, what such a board should seek to do, how it might be done, and who would do it. A detailed discussion follows of economic planning for Canada; planning that takes the form of something "fully consistent with the preservation of all essential elements of the private enterprise system." Dangers, problems, and misconceptions of economic planning. The importance of economic planning. The impetus for economic planning in Canada. The need for a longer-term perspective. The purposes of such planning. Some differences between planning for Canada and such plans in Western Europe and Japan. Some guiding principles. Remarks on the methods of planning. Some difficulties of the task. Giving considerable attention to some of the broad factors which determine an economy's capacity for growth. Some important questions concerning whether we yet have a good basis in Canada for economic planning.