Vladimir Putin

Harper, J.M.

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A discussion of this issue of Canadian assimilation along the lines of a geometrical proposition. What this question of Canadian assimilation means at its basis; forming an enunciation. Then, the axioms of postulates or self-evident truths there are to guide us in our investigation, of which there are three: Canada as the biggest country in the world; Canada's enjoyment, under the Union Jack, of the widest and most influential empire-prestige the world has ever known; Canada's sight of a future for itself which sometimes takes our breath away, as we contemplate the "one from the many" it is on the way of being, with no jealousy from our next-door neighbour to hinder it, and let us hope no parochial or racial prejudice to stand in its way. A brief discussion of each of these three axioms. Many ethical forces we must get agoing besides the commercial spirit for the uplifting of the nation, for instance, the school and the church; the political influence, and the literary intuition. The need to consider what such an institution as this Empire Club of ours stands for. Britain on one side and Canada on the other, with Britain for Canada and Canada for Britain, equal and opposite, just as in a well balanced isosceles triangle. The present position of education in Canada. The establishment of Technical Schools as a means toward what one would call assimilation of our Canadianism in a direct way. The Christian Church as an ethical forces that may or may not be directing their energies towards the maturing of national assimilation for us. The advantages to Canada of a church union. Our Canadian literary spirit as an ethical force working towards Canadian assimilation. The role of the Canadian press and the Canadian Clubs. A word about the second axiom. Reference to the various arguments in favour of Empire Consolidation. What the design in the corner of the Union Jack flag means to us. A final word about the people that come to be new Canadians.