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Douglas, The Honourable T.C.

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Problems that face the people of Saskatchewan, and the people of the three Prairie Provinces. Capital for development the West and from where it came. Payments out of wealth produced. Problems when very little wealth is produced. The need to pay interest on capital. Liquidation of the Prairie debt and to what it is due. The sharing of responsibility with regard to seed grain between the Province and the Federal Government. The problem for the Saskatchewan people of having to buy most of their manufactured goods in a closed market, and at a much higher price than farmers on the United States side of the border. Consequences of the freight rate structure for the Prairie farmer. The issue that constitutional development of Canada has not kept pace with the changes that have taken place, and the result of an unnecessary and grievous burden being placed upon all Provincial Governments. An examination of that issue. The need for more sources of revenue for the Provincial Governments to run the social programmes. Plans for the postwar period. The need for a Dominion-Provincial Conference for the purpose of reallocating powers and determining sources of revenue. The issue of social welfare. The demand for increased social services. Saskatchewan's priority to take care of the needy. Steps taken to assure these needs including a health programme, Mother's Allowance, Old Age Pension. Plans for a farmer's crop insurance plan. Taking care of the physically disabled. The Saskatchewan Government's motto of "Humanity First." The economic basis of Saskatchewan's postwar plans. Developing economic resources. Providing employment to those returning from the war. Industrial development on a threefold basis: through private enterprise, on a co-operative basis, and on the basis of government enterprise, with examples.