Vladimir Putin

Eby, Rev. C.S.

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Comments on the address by Mr. Hamar Greenwood. The fate of the white race, and the trend of the era upon which we are now entering, dependent on what the Chinaman will do. The unsafe quality of ignoring or insulting any many on account of the tint of his skin or the difference of his customers from ours. Looking at the whole question from the larger standpoint of humanity. A yellow peril on the horizon, of a character entirely different from that imagined by trades unions and from the fears of the provincial politician, but patent to the statesman of world-wide outlook. Noting the stream of paragraphs and telegrams and interviews which have recently been given in the newspapers; pointing out the grains of truth with the shiploads of chaff. The constantly repeated assertion that the Oriental has come here with the idea of over-running or appropriating this land in any sense whatever. An uneasy conscience which makes cowards of us all. A sketch of the situation with regard to a "yellow peril." The divisions of the human races: the uncivilized races; the civilized, non-Christian races; the civilized and so-called Christian races, with a brief description of each. The problem today with the second class, which includes the yellow races of Eastern Asia, the brown races of India, and shades of skin and of thought in Western Asia. China as the central figure in the civilized, but non-Christian world; how that is so. Some historical developments and characteristics of china. A glance over the history out of which the problems of today were born. China's position during this time. A word about Japan. Changes that China has make, taking on everything that the West can give her; equipping herself for self-defence, then for revenge if necessary. Some military figures and potential. The perpetual nagging of anti-Asiatic legislation and newspaper demands for a "white country" which will hasten the results of a hundred years of treatment of which the white man ought to be ashamed. One way by which this imminent struggle can be averted: going back to our Imperial idea into the larger humanity and into the law that lies at the basis of our ethics, which we have absolutely trampled under foot. The Chinese law. Some suggestions from the speaker as to what might be done.