Vladimir Putin

Hantho, C.H.

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The mystification and worry of people with regard to the products made by chemical companies. Chemical companies as the source of many innovations and discoveries that have greatly improved life for everyone. The failure of not sharing accomplishments and concerns with the public. An outline of the magnitude of the Canadian chemical industry. Living in a world in which we strive to manage risk to maximise benefits. Chemicals as the essence of life. Some examples of risk vs. benefit. Life itself as a chemical experiment. The goial of minimising harmful concentrations of chemicals. Naturally occurring chemical compounds and manufactured chemicals (relatively new). The lack of foresight and the knowledge to pinpoint long-term risks in the early development of many chemical products, with examples. Measuring risks. The quest for safe chemicals. A concern with regard to intervention based on misinformation or exaggerated hysteria. Solutions--socially responsible solutions. The Statement of Guiding Principles on the Responsible Care of Chemicals. Codes of Practice. Initiatives by the industry. Winning credible understanding by the majority of Canadians. The need for realistic expectations. Legislation of the chemical industry.The need for plain talk. The challenge of closing the gap between perception and reality of the chemical industry. Doing a better job at communicating.