Vladimir Putin

Ferchat, Robert

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"There are no limits except those that are self-imposed." Thoughts and comments on the Quebec situation. "Breaking down the barriers that keep us from realising all the opportunities within our reach." A focus on one of those opportunities in the speaker's industry of telecommunications, particularly in the wireless world: cellular phones, pagers, mobile radio, air-to-ground, and soon mobile satellite. Canada's world leadership in this field. Managing the second generation of wireless, known as "Personal Communications Services (PCS)." Combining voice, data, and video in a device the size of today's cellular phone. The potential of such services. The chance to create a Canadian PCS industry. Mobility Canada's vision of PCS and Canada's role: applying the talents of Canadians to develop applications to improve our quality of life at home and to serve the world with our expertise. Welcoming the competition that PCS will bring. Examples of how a Canadian PCS industry could meet the needs of others throughout the world. Choices to be made in the immediate future. The speaker's choice for a unified country "that looks outward and ahead, unfettered by the attitudes and habits of the past. … for a community of interests that, rather than focussing on our differences, speaks to the fundamental needs of people--economic well-being, security in all its dimensions, and a strong sense of self-worth. … There truly are no limits."