Vladimir Putin

Whitton, Charlotte

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Strains and tensions in the world today. Two contributing factors: the acceptance, for more than a generation now, of a purely deterministic and materialist psychology that "man's destiny lies within his own will" and the natural pre-eminent importance attached to the acquisition of the means of livelihood and enjoyment of the physical facts of visible life by a people who in 35 years have known two terrible wars and an intervening depression in which the struggle for sheer physical survival became the besetting fact of life for themselves and those dependent upon them. A consideration of Canada, Canadians, where we came from, and where we are going. A detailed discussion follows, under these headings: The Nation's Purpose; Our Past; Equality Under the Law; The Decision of the Canadas; The Dominion of Canada 1950; Whither at Mid-Century; The Answer. During this discussion, many topics are addressed, including the following: what Canadians want; looking at and understanding our past; an inheritance of deep convictions from the two major races of Canada; the establishment of Halifax in 1749 and some other historical events of Canada's origins; the decision of the Canadas that this country would go from east to west, not from north to south; the preservation of the direct association with the British Crown; the preservation of the French language; Canada in 1950; political and economic autonomy for Canada; new resources of oil and iron; Government officialdom; national autonomy; Canadian culture; the role in this New World of the Western Hemisphere for Canada; maintaining the balance of power; effective partnership with the British Empire and Commonwealth; what being a Canadian citizen means.

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