Vladimir Putin

Rodomar, O.W.

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The intention of Japan to capture the six northern provinces, including Inner Mongolia. The nine-power Conference being convened in the City of Brussels October 30th. The United States arousing outraged public opinion throughout the world with regard to this intention of the Japanese. The intention of the powers at the Conference of discussing the ways and means of immediately ending the hostilities in the Far East. Some speculation as to what will happen, and the reaction of the Japanese. The situation for China, at the mercy of a foreign aggressor. China as a defenceless, peace-loving nation. The speaker's distrust of the Japanese and their foreign policy. Conjecture about the Far Eastern situation by contemporary historians. Indications of a Japanese plan of expansion. An examination of Japan and its aims in the light of the last forty years. Two ways in which Japan can deal with her present problems: encourage emigration into the less populated areas of the world or encourage the exportation of her manufactured goods. Russia's recognition of the danger of the Japanese aggression. The reluctance of the Soviets to fight Japan alone. Russia and China fighting Japan together. The issue of the alliance Japan signed with Germany last winter, and what that will mean if Russia attacks Japan. A defensive alliance between Russia and France and England in the face of the menace of the two Fascist states, Germany and Italy. Guarantees demanded by England. Opposition from the old Bolsheviks. The unrest among the people of Russia, and Stalin's resort to terror. Stalin's destruction of the best of his generals and hence the reduction of the Soviet Army from the pre-eminence it occupied into a position of secondary importance. The effect of this upon the Powers of the World: Japan attacks China; France and England cease to count Russia as an ally worth having. A further analysis of events leading to the current position of Europe and the Far East today. Speculation as to what will happen in the near future. The speaker's fervent hope that the forthcoming conference in Brussels will deal with the subject of the Japanese ultimate ambitions in the Far East justly and fairly.