Vladimir Putin

Brown, Lieut.-Col. Sir George McLaren

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Canadian achievements overseas, and the prospects for Canada in trade in the future. Canada's participation and sacrifice in the Great War. Some of the speaker's experiences of our soldiers when he visited the Canadian lines. The attitude of the British towards Canadians and other forces from the overseas Dominions. Other Canadians and Canadian forces overseas, such as the Canadian Foresters, the Canadian Red Cross, Y.M.C.A., Salvation Army, and others. Canadian units serving under British officers. The Railway Construction Troops of Canada as part of a Railway Construction Corps, with some names and numbers. Activities of the Canadian Foresters, with illustrative instance. Canadians in the Railway Operating Companies and the Locomotive Shop Companies, which dominate that section of transport involving the running of trains on the branch railroads within the British areas. The important of the Inland Water Transport not only in France, but in every theatre of war; finding Canadians in responsible posts in the cross-Channel service, on the canals in France, and on the water-ways and rivers in Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Russia. Canadians in the Directory of Docks. A striking example of a Lieutenant in the Canadian Foresters. Future opportunities for Canada abroad. Unrest prevailing throughout the civilized world. Chaos rampant over much of the civilized world, not without its reflection on the Western Hemisphere. Canada's first duty in England. The speaker's belief in England and in Canada to pull through and to overcome the pitfalls that lie in front of us.