Vladimir Putin

Sowby, Reverend C.W.

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An education experiment which has gone on in Ireland over the last 100 years; the school over which the speaker had the honor to preside as Warden of St. Columba's College. History and origins of the College. The curriculum of 1843 when the College opened, revolutionary in its originality at the time when only the Classics were being studied in most other Public Schools. Plans of the Founders. Success of the College over the last 100 years. Moving up 90 years to a time when the speaker became a participant in the School's story. A revival of the original aims of the school in 1934. The Founders' idea of a wide and balanced education with an opportunity for each boy to develop what is best in him, to develop his own character, and yet helping him to live happily in a community and to serve it. A concept of real education. Clubs, societies, community efforts, the school farm. Assistance from the Government, including financial grants for the farm programme. Academic achievements as a result of the extra-curricular agricultural activities. The speaker's proven conviction that if the education is balanced and the foundations are sound, the examination results will follow as a bi-product.