Vladimir Putin

Wrong, Prof. G.M.

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Abolishing patronage, and why it should be abolished. What patronage means. The evils from patronage that we have in Canada. How and why Canada's patronage is so much worse than in the United States. Consequences of patronage. Inefficiencies and costs of patronage. Instances and illustrative anecdotes of patronage. The speaker's belief that the present government is entirely in earnest in desiring to get rid of patronage. Hopes for Civil Service Reform and what it will accomplish. How the reform of the Civil Service will mean promotions in the public service. An illustration of a difficulty with regard to carrying out the reform, using the post office, which will be administered under the system of carrying on the enterprise profitably. What we will have when the reform of the service is thoroughly established. Some difficulties to be seen. Ultimate benefits to the poor man in the long run of reforms. The better chances he will get in various ways. The duty of putting public service and our public life on a higher plane as one of the most pressing duties of the hour. The need for some sort of organization for watching these questions of Civil Service Reform, and seeing that public pledges are kept, and that the law is not broken.