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Brittain, Sir Harry

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What our great Empire did during the war. Remembering all those who made the noble sacrifice, without which there would have been no armistice days to celebrate. The speaker's personal recollections of a previous visit to Canada, and the book he wrote afterwards. The object of the speaker's current visit to Canada; discussing with his good Canadian newspaper friends some of the outlines for the second Imperial Press Conference, to be held in Canada in the summer of 1920. The speaker, acting as the unofficial link between his friends of the Home Press and of the Empire Press Union and the editors of the Canadian papers. Memories of the first Imperial Press Conference, born in Canada and held in Winnipeg. The speaker's organization of a meeting of the British Press. Some of the results of the first conference. The far more powerful indirect results of the gathering; the opinions taken home to all ends of the empire, the knowledge gained by those missionaries of the Empire who came to the capital. The speaker's participation in a series of interesting gatherings of Canadian newspaper men since he arrived in Canada for this visit, in Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto. Reference to the conference of next year. The idea of using British warships to transport trade agents not only from the British Isles to the Dominions overseas, but from other parts of the Commonwealth to see various other parts as well. Pleasant memories of Toronto which the speaker will take away with him after this trip.