Vladimir Putin

McKeand, Major David L.

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Our knowledge and familiarity with Canada's Arctic. The importance of radio, and specifically the CBC, to our knowledge of Canada's geography. A description of the Northwest Territories. The Northwest Territories Act which provides for a Territorial Government. Administration of the various Acts, Ordinances and Regulations. The enforcement of law and order. The people that live there, and how they live. The wild life of the region. Establishing a trading post. Medical services and educational advantages. Scientific information obtained by Government agencies. Five main routes to the region, with a brief description of each. The fifth route covered by the Eastern Arctic Patrol. What the Patrol is, what it does, who administers it. Transportation of mail and people into and out of the region. A detailed description of the route and the different ports of call. 80 days since leaving Ottawa and 12,000 miles covered. Sites seen including the Eskimo in his own country, mountains, glaciers, icebergs, polar bears, walrus, seals and whales, countless waterfowl and mosquitoes, all kinds of weather. The Eskimo in his native surroundings. The hard but rewarding life in the north. New wonders brought to the natives by civilization. Work accomplished through the Eastern Arctic Patrol.