Vladimir Putin

Pankhurst, Mrs. Emmeline

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The speaker sent by the Women's Party of Great Britain, an envoy of the women who have devoted their whole life and all their money and treasure to the winning of this great war. The argument against women fighting for their enfranchisement that they could not understand Imperial questions, and their coming into citizenship would be very dangerous for the integrity of the Empire. The women of the Empire who have shown that their hearts and their hands have been ready to take up the burden of Empire and to sustain it equally with the men. The war teaching us to distinguish between the right kind of Empire and Imperialism and the wrong Imperialism and wrong and weak and corrupt kind of Empire. The war testing us. The speaker's belief that the British Empire will come through the awful test of war strengthened and purified and ennobled by the test. A review of the war focusing on Empires. The people as those with the primary responsibility for the good government of the Empire, also for the well-being of those races not so advanced as ourselves in modern civilization and in democratic institutions. Thinking of the women of the Empire in subjection; rejoicing today that the English-speaking women of the Empire have, even in war time, come not only into the duties and responsibilities of citizenship but into the power also, so that we can do something to influence the trend of Imperial politics in regard to that part of our Empire in the near future. The proposal to extend democratic institutions to the manhood of India. Wanting to know, before it is done, what effect it is going to have upon the womanhood of India. The role to be played by women in British and Canadian politics in this regard. Being sure that policies mean a strengthening of liberty to women. The programme of the women voters of Great Britain. The desire for an Imperial Parliament. New roles for women in citizenship. Women citizens as a great conservative and productive force. Working out the future of civilization on nobler and higher lines than we ever could have done without the truthful and purifying experiences of the war.