Vladimir Putin

Limerick, Lord

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Anglo-Canadian trade relations. First, a world view and three general propositions: economies are rising and falling at an unprecedented rate as the balance of resource demand and availability changes. Countries with ample natural resources are going to have an easier time compared with those which rely on importing and converting. There are many constraints, notably of energy supply, which limit the rates of overall world growth so that some economies expand rapidly, others and notably the oldest, will inevitably suffer some relative decline. What those propositions mean in Britain. A brief history of modern events that effected the economy both here and in Europe. The theme of political adaptation. The issue of sovereignty and the European community for Britain. Response of the Commonwealth. Decline in trade relations between Canada and the U.K. Partners in investment. Technology and co-operation. Some specific examples of technology that Britain exports to Canada. Domestic oil and gas supplies. The Energy issue. Invisible exporting (all of Britain's earnings in the form of interest or profits from investments in foreign enterprises and from provision of services to people living abroad) vs. visible earnings derived from the sale of goods abroad. A detailed explication of invisible exporting and its future. A detailed response to the perception of what is going on in Britain, particularly politically and economically; problems and suggestions for change.