Vladimir Putin

Phillipps-Wolley, Clive

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A joint luncheon of the British Empire League, The Canadian Defence League, and the Empire Club of Canada. The speaker's brief that the corporate existence of the Empire is the British navy, and as Canada is an integral part of the Empire, the British navy is also the basis of her corporate existence. What it means for us to be Canadians, and to be English. What it means for us to be British. Making war in the interests of peace. Germany's expansion. Germany's desire for the colonies which Britain has. German military expenditure figures. Taking note that Germany is building their ships on borrowed money, and that they are of such known coal carrying capacity that they can only be operated on a near neighbour. The policy of the Germans, which should be plain to us. Costs of preparing for war and maintaining peace in contrast to the costs of war. The policy of Canada. Building up a Canadian Navy with Canadian capital and Canadian workmen.