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Arthur, Prof. Eric R.

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The Report of the City Planning Board in Toronto now before the City Council; evidence of its labours over the past year on exhibition at the Art Gallery of Ontario. The number of municipalities across Canada making postwar plans. Toronto at the head of a crusade. What would bring to life the report of the City Planning Board of Toronto: Federal Financial Assistance, Provincial Legislation, and the firm conviction of the people of Toronto that it is worth doing. An explication of this last requirement, with some history or urbanization. Two alternatives for the Toronto City Planning Board in 1943: the short-sighted view of the city as it is today; a master plan for Toronto's continued growth. Some of the most striking elements of such a master plan regarding the inner green belt and the boundary of agricultural land. Planned traffic arteries. A new City Hall for Toronto. The issue of housing. Rehabilitation proposals. Clearing obstacles to redevelopment. The setting up, by the Federal Government, of the House of Commons Special Committee on Reconstruction and Reestablishment. Report and recommendations of the Reconstruction Committee (the James Committee) through its sub-committee on Housing and Community Planning, outlining the need for housing and planning, and recommendations for carrying out both. Minutes of Proceedings No. 31 of the House of Commons Committee to whom the Federation of Mayors and Municipalities presented a brief on Nov. 27/43, containing a paragraph which the speaker refers to as the "Magna Carta of planning in this country" quoted here in its entirety.

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