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Wright, Dr. D.T.

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Ladies Day. The new Commission on Post-Secondary Education: charged with considering how, most effectively, the needs of the people of Ontario for post-secondary education can be met during the next two decades. First, a look back at the accomplishments and growth of the previous two decades. Ontario formulae being used in other jurisdictions. Features of the financing systems and operations. Reasons for the continuation of rapidly rising costs. Important unmet needs; these along with a critical review of present policies and beliefs as the focus of concern for the Commission on Post-Secondary Education. Two groups that are now largely missing from post-secondary education whose attendance and participation would be of general benefit. The issue of soaring costs as justification on its own for a study to be done. At the same time, reconsidering questions of purpose and function. A review of why enrollment is increasing. The issue of universality. The issue of "Who Pays?" with a discussion of alternatives. A summary review of the broad questions and policy issues.