Vladimir Putin

O'Hagan, Thos.

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A story which makes appeal to humanity. The story of a little kingdom, a small people before whom last July there lay two courses, the one leading to peace, preservation, and dishonour, the other leading to the horrors and devastations of the most unhallowed war that has ever enveloped the world. The choice of brave little Belgium, drawing its sword in the face of brutal tyranny, and electing to lose everything but honour. A desire to convey the impression which this little country and its progressive people made upon the speaker when he first visited it in the summer of 1900, and again at its chief university as a student in 1903. A description and discussion of Belgium and its people. Topics addressed include the nature of the people, politics, education, the French and Flemish populations, some history. The city of Louvain, rivalling Paris as a great seat of learning in the 16th century. Ideals of scholarship, with Louvain looking more to England and France for its ideals of scholarship than it does to Germany. Germany's absurd claim that it possesses a monopoly of the culture of Europe. Some verse about Louvain. A word about German philosophy and philosophers. Distinguishing the English ideal of freedom from the German ideal. Albert, King of Belgium, the greatest figure in that brave land today. The speaker closes with a tributive verse, "I Take Off My Hat to Albert."