Vladimir Putin

Stikeman, H. Heward

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An alternative reform course to the White Paper on taxation that the speaker thinks is viable, and which emanated largely from Ontario. Looking at the tax picture today. Mr. Carter's "equity" replaced by Mr. Benson's "equity." The force of tax reformers versus public and political objections. The lack of time between now and April for meaningful discussion. The speaker's intention today to offer some of the impressions and views that he has formulated and passed on to his clients as to what can be done in a purely selfish vein between now and 1972, then perhaps what might be done from a more unselfish and national interest standpoint in terms of promoting an alternative. Tax planning now and for the future under possibly changed legislation. The trend of the Government's public statements on the White Paper and the language itself and what that indicates. A changing administrative approach. The "Information Circular" which purports to put forward the distinction between avoidance and evasion of tax payment. Official policy at variance with decided cases before the courts. Practical measures to be contemplated and perhaps taken before 1972. Some suggestions. A consideration of the Government's objectives. The hope that the fact that taxpayers are individual human beings with human responses will not be overlooked. A look at alternatives. The "Blue Paper" or "Ontario Proposals for Tax Reform in Canada." How these proposals make more sense than the White Paper. The lack of knowledge of these proposals by the public. A recommendation by the speaker for this alternative.

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