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A consideration first for what objects the military forces of the Empire are organized, and what is intended to be carried out. What means we have at our disposal for the carrying out of these objects. The organization of the different forces that make up the military forces of the Empire. The objects as three-fold: the defence of the United Kingdom; the provision for an expeditionary force in case of need for service overseas; the garrisoning of those countries, fortresses, and posts throughout the Empire that, for any reason, require a British garrison. The means: a Regular Army in the United Kingdom; a Special Reserve which is the remains of the old militia which is retired into a reserve through Mr. Haldane's scheme of 1908; a large Territorial Force in Canada and a Permanent Force and Active Militia, backed up in case of emergency by a reserve which is not organized at present but which comprises the whole of the able-bodied male population of Canada who are British subjects between the ages of 18 and 60 years of age. Forces and services in Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. Forces of Permanent Troops, Militia, Volunteers, and Police in every possession all over the world, besides the British Garrisons to which I have already referred. A detailed description of the organization of the Home Army, and also the Forces in the principal Dominions and countries in the Empire. The general system of organization, applying to every country in the Empire, to have a small Permanent Force, in some cases only comparatively small, and a large Force for Defence of the Country or Dominion itself. A chart is also provided, showing the organization of the Forces in Great Britain from the King down to the Depots.