Vladimir Putin

Will, Professor J.S.

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The warmest kind of memory of Canada's conduct in Flanders. Articles that have appeared in Canadian papers which have made the speaker change his mind about the topic of address. The source of such articles. Extracts from the article to which the speaker refers, with regard to the collapse of the Paris Conference. Ways in which such articles entirely misrepresent French sentiment. Poincare's fitness to represent the French people. The lack of labour troubles in France, with indicators. Some figures to show the cost of living, economic and social conditions in France today. Figures compared with those before the war. Hard times for those with small incomes in France. French finances. An outline of both the British and French thesis with regard to reparations. France's expedition into the Ruhr and why it was made. The many reasons for the anarchy which seems to characterize Germany at the present. Proof of Germany's default. Payment by Germany a matter of life and death financially to France. The attitude of France towards England. The harmony of the French and English civilizations as the greatest need of the world. The value of future relations between England and France.

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