Vladimir Putin

Vaughan, Robert Charles

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Toronto's and Ontario's contributions to Canada's war effort. Ontario's steam railways. The operation of the Canadian National Railways in Ontario. Toronto as the headquarters of CNR's Central Region. The Canadian railways as Canada's greatest war industry: some facts which support this statement. Demands made upon the railways. Details of munitions of war and other products of industry and agriculture moved by the Canadian National Railway System. The "two-way" nature of the railway service. Canadian National Steamships providing an important highseas link for the movement of supplies to the fighting forces; some vessels turned into armed cruisers. The Canadian National Steamships acting as operator for the Dominion Government of Axis ships seized as prizes of war. The Canadian National System identified by ownership with Trans-Canada Air Lines. Trans-Canada as an essential factor in the speeding up of our war effort--its air mail, air express and passenger services all being directed to serve the needs of the national at war. Salvage efforts. Some examples of the activities of CN. The service ideal. The need for mutual co-operative effort between management and labour, with illustrative examples of how this has been working. The Union Management Cooperative Movement plan. The volume of traffic handled by the railways. Some facts and figures with regard to motive power. Betterments and improvements in operating facilities throughout the system. The appeal to Canadians by the Honourable C.D. Howe, Minister of Munitions and Supply, to forego unnecessary travel for the duration of the war. A look back at the history of the development of Canada, and her railways. A full justification for the existence of the Canadian National Railways in peace and in war. Canadian confidence in our ability to meet any demands made upon us. The nature of Canadians. Standing behind the Third Victory Loan.