Vladimir Putin

Bernier, Captain J.E.

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The immense territory in the North that the Imperial Government gave to Canada in 1880. The lack of effort, even by the Canadian people, to use what England had given us. What it cost the British Empire to obtain this land. The speaker, in his expeditions, following John Franklin and those who searched for him. The records of the speaker's expeditions. A display of some of the relics found upon different islands. The first mission to go to Hudson's Bay, and leave some Royal Mounted Police at different quarters, and build two stations. The mission of the second year, to patrol the Northern waters of Canada, and annex the islands during the time that was at his disposal during the summer. Ensuring Canadian control in the north. Our duty to make Canada now, while we can, a greater Canada; doing so by claiming two islands that were sighted by those great men who, like Dr. Cook and Peary, are supposed to have gone and discovered the Pole. Two plans submitted by the speaker for going to the Pole. Stories of surviving off the land. Personal anecdotes from the speaker's expeditions. Details of the time spent in Hudson's Bay. Interactions with the Esquimaux. Lectures given by the speaker in England. Support for the speaker's plans from the Royal Colonial Institute. The names of the islands on which the speaker has placed the Canadian flag. Pointing out other islands on a map on which the speaker would be pleased to place the Canadian flag. The issue of costs. Possibilities of commercial ventures in the North. The extent of natural resources in the North.