Vladimir Putin

Eisendrath, Dr. Maurice N.

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A discussion of what, if anything, in life is free. The "price of Brotherhood--or Peace--is far steeper than the mere words in our mouths." Our unwillingness and failure to pay the price of brotherhood in our relationships among the nations on the political front, and also in the economic sphere. The rallying cry of Karl Marx. The price we seem willing to pay for the LACK of brotherhood. A few graphic illustrations of the price we presently pay for that which postpones rather than pursues the world-wide brotherhood we cherish. The price we pay for what is regarded as defence and national security. The question as to whether or not we feel more secure. Our domestic balance sheets of business. Our prejudices showing vast deficits, and other consequences. The price of prejudice in Nazi Germany. The socio-economic price. The psychological price. Walls of prejudice and hatred throughout the world. Building bridges. The national Conference of Christians and Jews. Joining hands and paying the price of brotherhood before it is too late.