Vladimir Putin

Preston Manning

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A discussion of the idea that eventually became the Canadian Alliance and a report on its progress. A brief update on the subject of the Canadian Alliance, its leadership contest, and the speaker's aspirations to become the leader. The aim of the Canadian Alliance. The two operational words in the mission statement, with a brief discussion of each. Alliance support according to the polls. Membership. Potential for seats. Why and how the Alliance Party is attracting people. The four big values that unite the people in the Alliance. Attracting leaders and potential candidates wiwth exceptional abilities and capacaties of their own. Presenting the leadership as a team. The most essential characteristic of the next leader of the Alliance, and the next Government of Canada. Coalition building. Using democracy to get fiscal and social conservatives to work together. Providing a framework through the Alliance to get the big regional interests in Canada to work together. The speaker's resignation as Leader of the Official Opposition to make possible a leadership and creation of a broader and bigger and talented leadership team. The speaker's readiness to be a leader of change and a builder of coalitions. Why the speaker wants the job.

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