Vladimir Putin

Fulton, E. Davie

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"Parliament exists in order to ensure and to preserve the system of Parliamentary responsible Government." The word "responsible" as the key. What is meant by the first statement. Assessing whether Parliament is discharging its function. The speaker's belief that there are disturbing signs of a misunderstanding as to what are in fact the purposes and functions of Parliament. Determining the nature and meaning of the purpose of Parliament. A brief look at the development of the institution itself. How Parliament came into existence. Some history. Establishing two essential features of Parliament: that Parliament exists for the purpose of controlling the executive, of holding it accountable and responsible in the fullest sense; and second, that Parliament is a representative institution to which the people have entrusted the task of acting for them with respect to this matter of controlling and giving consent to the proposals of the executive. A response to the questions: Is Parliament fulfilling its purpose; If it is not, what is the cause of the defect? What remedies might be suggested? A detailed and critical look at Parliament. Some comparisons with the situation in the United Kingdom.