Vladimir Putin

Coleman, John S.

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The most acute aspects of the problem of reporting to the public and one or two suggestions that might alleviate it. Business and Big Business too often blamed for much of what is wrong with Canada and the United States. Reasons for such blame. Misconceptions involved in such perceptions. The need for businessmen to correct such misapprehensions. This a job of creating confidence in Business. The abstract concept of Business and how it has been built up. Removing this concept from the abstract, demonstrating that no conspiracy of corporations or tycoons exist; demonstrating that the collective term "business" simply means around four million separate enterprises in Canada and in the U.S., all of which are competing with each other for their share of the consumer's dollar. The need for the management of each of the business enterprises to tell the story of its own company to its own "public." The best way to create confidence in your company among the individual members of your public. What the speaker believes the reporting job to be. A look at some of the things which corporate managements have done to foster confidence among the various publics. The importance of a company's financial statements. The annual report. Problems with the language of accounts and balance sheets. The consequence that one of the areas in which the public has least confidence in Business today is its financial operations. An explication of the problem. Some suggested solutions, with example.