Vladimir Putin

Child, Arthur J.E.

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The meat packing industry. What the people in the meat packing industry do. The size of the industry. Some specific details of the daily activity in the meat packing industry. Some history. The failure of the original concept of a meat packing industry to supply beef to Great Britain, and why that was so. Serving Canada's growing population. Distribution. Meat packing as the most complex of any manufacturing industry. The calculation of costs. The human factor. An illustration of the importance of the human element by the history of the individual firms in the industry. Details of the speaker's own firm: history, development, problems. A closer look at what went wrong. The speaker's involvement as President and Chief Executive Officer, beginning in March of 1966. How the company was turned around. Looking to the future: confident, but not complacent. Why the speaker is optimistic about the future of his company.