Vladimir Putin

Dewhurst, Brigadier Claude H.

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An independent view of the Middle East based on 10 years out there and later on in planning Middle East Affairs at the War Cabinet Offices, and a recent visit. To begin, raising some pride. The Middle East as Great Britain's baby. A review of accomplishments in the Middle East by Britain. The current situation. Have and have-not countries in the Middle East. What Egypt really needs. Britain's problems with Nasser, and the reasons why. What is happening in the Middle East now with regard to the acquisition of Intelligence. How the plot of Russia in the Middle East was unfolded to British Intelligence. Reasons for the lack of consultation with the U.S. or other Commonwealth countries. The military plan. The Soviet bluff. Looking at the better side of the situation. The lack of information as outlined here, coming from Britain. The resignation of Eden. The American "plan." A summation of the current situation. Realizing the vital importance of the Suez Canal. Britain learning lessons from the Middle East Crisis. Giving assistance to America in the meantime. Problems ahead for the U.S. in the Arab world. The hope that Mr. MacMillan will patch up Britain's quarrel with President Eisenhower. The hope that Britain will lead a European Confederation. Rallying by the Commonwealth.