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The May 2006 report on mental health, mental illness and addictions - "Out of the Shadows at Last" by the Senate Committee. A focus today on one critical task - ensuring that the mental health of children and youth is given the attention it deserves. First, a few words about the significance of the creation of the Mental Health Commission of Canada. Some statistics. The different status of mental illness. Rights of the mentally ill. The good news of recovery. Recovery as the goal of the mental health system. The Mental Health Commission of Canada. The role of the Commission. Some key tasks to be done by the Commission. Canada in comparison to other countries in their efforts to educate the public on the nature of mental disorders. Children and Youth Mental Health Concerns Us All. Some alarming statistics about this situation. Early intervention. A fragmented system in which various service providers each operate in their own silo. Ensuring that our schools are better equiped to handle children's mental health issues. The burden placed on other family members. Mental Health in the Workplace. Some facts. Investing in improving employee mental health as good for business. Two overlapping trends that must be understood. Conclusions.