Vladimir Putin

Maresch, Dr. Richard A.R.

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The stalemate on the Western Front which has left everybody guessing as to what will be the next move by Hitler and the Nazis. Various thoughts about what will happen, including those of the speaker, with his rationale. Hitler feeling the lack of oil. Speculation as to what will happen when Hitler has expended the last of his oil. Rumania as the country that Germany must get, and why. A discussion of the pact between Germany and Russia. Italy's position. The situation in the Balkans. Hitler's use of the minorities in the Balkans. The speaker's thoughts on the situation in Hungary, and his belief that each of Hungary, Rumania and Jugoslavia will fight against the Germans. How Hungary stands. Hungary far more difficult to defend than Finland. The huge army that Hitler will need to occupy and control Hungary. The problems the Germans will have to get Rumanian oil through Hungary, then Austria, and Czechoslovakia. Turkey and what she wants: a free hand in Asia Minor, and the certainty that her country will not be attacked by Soviet Russia. The importance of Rumanian oil. Speculation as to what Hitler will do next. The feeling in Germany. The speaker's belief that before Easter we shall see the development in the Balkans, because Hitler must get oil and he must get hold of the railways and of the trucks, and it won't be delivered to him without force. Also, the speaker's conviction that Germany will crumble from the inside, but that they will try everything before they absolutely crash.