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Fox, Dr. William Sherwood

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The time for a study of democracy in terms of concrete examples of its successful application. The Tennessee Valley Authority as one such example which has already attained some striking results. The TVA established by Act of Congress in 1933. The administrative structure of the TVA. The chief aim of the TVA the provision of a measure of effective control over the floods of the Mississippi River. What has to be done to control waters flowing down the Mississippi. The Tennessee Valley chosen as the regional unit upon which to base this project. A physical description of the Tennessee Valley and its population. Reasons for selecting the Tennessee Valley for this great regional experiment. The aims of the TVA, as set out in Chairman Harcourt Morgan's statement submitted to the first Congressional Committee of Investigation in 1934: to aid in controlling floods in the Mississippi; the establishment and maintenance of improved navigation on the Tennessee River; the conservation of the soil and of fertility; to distribute widely the hydroelectric power developed at dams on the Tennessee and its leading tributaries; a large-scale provision for national defence; that the unified attack upon all the fundamental problems involved may "lay the basis for reversing the inevitable trend toward impoverishment in this south-eastern region, a trend that has been going on since the Civil War." Hasty charges which have been made against the TVA and the speaker's response to them. How the TVA reaches down to the individual citizen with its beneficent influence. The speaker offers two pointed illustrations. How the people of the entire Valley will be helped progressively when the beneficent wheel of improved prosperity begins to turn. What Canada can learn from this project.