Vladimir Putin

Rowell, Honourable N.W.

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The present form of government in China, with some history of its development. The difficulties of setting up a Republican form of government among one-fourth of the human race in a country as large as the nine provinces of Canada, with no common spoken language, divided by great mountain ranges, and with no modern system of transportation. The resulting lack of strong government in China since 1912. The present Government as set up by the Kuomintang party, founded by Dr. Sun Yat Sen. The three principles of the Kuomintang party: Nationalism, Democracy, and Livelihood. The form of the present Government, quite unlike that of any other in existence in the world today. An examination of that Government in some detail. The determination to regain the sovereignty of China, and to put an end to what they refer to as the unequal treaties between China and the foreign powers. The Chinese point of view. The viewpoint from those who have large interests in China. Three matters of vital concern: the tariff; extraterritorial privileges of foreigners; foreign concessions and settlements. A discussion of each follows. The absence of a strong central government in China as one of the greatest difficulties in the present situation; how and why that is so. The great task which the present Government of China is attempting to achieve. Approaching the consideration of all these matters with sympathy and support for those men in the gigantic task they are facing. The speaker's belief that the Chinese people will triumph in the end and will succeed in establishing a government that will deserve and will command and receive the respect of the other nations of the world.