Vladimir Putin

McNaughton, Major-General A.G.L.

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The part that the Canadian Militia and the Canadian Air Force are playing and will play in the future, in the development of Canada's national life. Some background to the current situation. The lack of development of our armed forces since the armistice. Efforts focused on the League of Nations and other like movements for establishing peace. Canada's support for the League and for the Kellogg Peace Pact. Reasons for that support. Movements and forces in existence in the world today which the speaker does not think anybody who has considered the question at all can accept as being entirely safe, making it safe for a nation to be without its armed forces. These forces controlled by people entirely antipathetic to the British Empire and entirely alien to every basis on which we wish to develop our particular type of civilization. The speaker's acceptance that an armed force is a necessary part of national equipment; here to day to explain why for Canada a citizen militia is the proper type for us to have. A militia organization for national defence in Canada following naturally from the very favourable position in which we find ourselves. An examination Canada's geographic and political position from a defence point of view. The factors of our friendly southern neighbour, and our membership in the League of Nations. Canada to be free from small wars, and that if we have any great danger looming up we shall have some reasonable notice, or be able to foresee a reasonable time ahead of that danger as it comes along, and be able to adjust ourselves accordingly. Looking to our non-permanent active militia for our war organization. What we can expect from our permanent force in times of peace in terms of training the supplementary force. How the non-permanent active militia in Canada is organized, with numbers. Some perspective in terms of the size of this militia. A description of Canada's permanent force. The officers. The Canadian Officers' Training Corps. The Air Force today as an absolutely essential arm of our defence organization. Some training details. An idea of the work done over the last year, with figures. The need for development in terms of radio telegraphic service. The system of radio communication for the Air Service. A summary sketch of the activities in which the Department of National Defence is engaged. Such activities inspired by the desire to serve Canada in every way.