Vladimir Putin

Stutchbury, Howard

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Canada with no fuel problem, but a transportation of fuel problem. Canada's enormous resources in coal, with some figures. Some misconceptions about Alberta coal. Some true characteristics of Alberta coal. Evidence as to the value of Alberta coal and its popularity as illustrated through the experience of the city of Winnipeg. Distribution of Alberta coal in Ontario, and some promising reports. Results of Ontario's use of Alberta coal. Asking for special consideration in the movement of coal from Alberta to Ontario: three factors, being the Ontario factor, the railway factor, and that of the Alberta mines, each with brief explanation. In addition, the factor of National Economics, with figures. The costs of mining and what they mean for Ontario. The West unable to pay its debts to Ontario, unless Ontario buys coal from the West. The need to buy products produced in Canada, or at least the British Empire, if we are to have a chance of attaining national economic independence.