Vladimir Putin

Coleman, Professor A.P.

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The desirability of gold and reasons for it. The characteristics of gold. The value of gold. The curious and interesting bit of history as to how the gold standard should have come to its present position. The mining of gold and its immediate value; the lack of necessary processing of gold. Gold's monetary value. Gold as one of the commonest metals. The widespread distribution of gold. Gold in Ontario. Why gold is the standard of value. The growth of the British Empire and how it has been bound up with the finding of gold, with examples from Canada, Australia, and South Africa. Gold in Rhodesia, the Transvaal, the United States, India, New Zealand, British Guiana in South America, Ontario, British Columbia, the Klondike. Where the gold goes; it has no country. Gold in Great Britain. The suggestion that although gold is the standard of value, there may be changes in that respect. Remembering a time when silver was the standard of value in England; the origin of "pounds." The steady increase of gold in the world, hence the decline in the value of gold.