Vladimir Putin

Smith, Arthur Le Roy

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The Geneva Trade Agreements. The accomplishment of 26 nations emerging from a meeting with an agreement. An agreement broadly based on there being no discriminations in trade between those 26 countries. Some excerpts from the agreement, with explication. A further meeting going on right now, in Havana, where changes will be made. The issue of the British preferences. The basis of the Ottawa Agreements passed in 1932; many of them now gone. The barring of a great many imports from the United States; putting others on quotas; creating an excise tax both on imported articles and on articles made in Canada. Some consequences of these actions, with illustrative example. What's to be done to remedy the situation in Canada. The issue of Alberta coal. Meeting the shortage of American dollars by developing something ourselves to replace them. A reduction in the standard of living caused by a bar on trade. Some remarks about excise tax. The question of oil. Development of the Leduc oil fields. The question of paying income tax only on income. The cattle situation in Alberta; the embargo placed by the Dominion Government against selling cattle in the United States. Why the United States is the natural market for Alberta's cattle. Emigration from Canada, and reasons for it. The issue of pension plans. Canada's dollar deficit. The need for Canada to be producing.