Vladimir Putin

Gower-Rees, Colonel, The Ven. Archdeacon A.P.

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Some of the varied comments regarding the British Empire. The question of the day: "Has the British Empire Completed its Task?" The speaker's substitution of the word "purpose" for "tasks." Use of the word Commonwealth rather than Empire. Ways in which the British Empire is STILL an Empire today. Ways in which the British Empire is NOT an Empire today. The use and purpose of the British Commonwealth in the word today? A consideration under three headings: "The primary function of the British Empire is to maintain the reign of law; and because of it to keep the peace among a quarter of the people of the earth." "The second function of the British Commonwealth is one which has not been fully appreciated." "The third purpose of the British Commonwealth should need but little explanation after our experience of two World Wars in 30 years." A discussion follows each heading. Room for improvement in the administration and laws of the British Commonwealth as it exists today. The true line of progress to IMPROVE the British Commonwealth, NOT TO DISSOLVE it. Consequences of breaking up the Commonwealth. Two subjects which may threaten the disruption of the Commonwealth unless they are handled wisely: the first concerning the introduction of self-government to India, and the second the constitution of a central Imperial Parliament for the British Commonwealth. A discussion of each follows. The need of the British Commonwealth and Empire today; its importance for Europe lying in the fact that it is the champion of the world supremacy of the White Man. The British Commonwealth and Empire lasting just as long as its spiritual basis remains a living and effective force; but the end of it will also be the end of the world-wide rule of the White Man. Appreciating the full significance of the British Commonwealth and the full significance of the closer unity of its people by considering their relations with the outside world. The need for all of us to labour to leave "that great fabric, the British Commonwealth and Empire, a nobler, freer and juster Commonwealth than we found it and thus prove ourselves not unworthy trustees of so great a heritage."