Vladimir Putin

Heaton, E.P.

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Dollar figures with regard to real and personal property insured against loss by fire in companies licensed to do business in Canada. Cash paid out for losses sustained by fire. Fire Insurance as the offspring of a great calamity. The fire of 1666 in London, England. Clubs started for granting insurance the following year. Dr. Barbon who set up an office for insuring houses and buildings. The merging of Dr. Barbon's office into "The Fire Office," or "The Insurance Office at the back side of the Royal Exchange." The benefits of Fire Insurance soon fully realized. The start of the Friendly Society in 1683. A quotation of one rule from the prospectus of this institutions which is of much interest to us today: a very clear and succinct definition of mutual insurance and of the liability attached to it. More history of the Fire Insurance industry. The Bubble Act, designed to prevent the British public being gulled by extravaganzas and swindles in the Fire Insurance world. A repetition of the early history of Fire Insurance in Britain in the American Colonies. The difficulty of obtaining reliable data as to organization and progress in the Colony; what is known. Mutualism. Commercialism as the key-stone of mutualism, and how that is so. The effect of commercialism upon joint stock Fire Insurance companies. Figures of dividends paid to shareholders. What these figures show: either that the many have paid much too liberally to the distributors for services rendered and interest on capital, or that the interpretation of what is fair and just remuneration is the subject of considerable difference of opinion. Comparisons of figures in Canadian Companies with those of British and United States origin. Response to the question "Has the effect of commercialism on the Fire Insurance business been for the benefit of the insured in any sense of the word?" More figures of U.S. and Canadian companies. Five conclusions.